Bicon Dental Implants Misleading Advertisement!

bicon dental implants and bone growthAdvertised in a scientific oral surgery journal, I read Bicon dental implant’s claim that their dental implants actually grow bone! This is of course a topic of great interest to every oral surgeon and dentist on how to preserve the bone around dental implants for long term success. And there are now a number of dental implant designs that biologically do exactly that.

Bicon dental implantsBut I looked closer and noticed that the before and after x-rays also show bone growth on the natural tooth! Really? Am I to believe it actually grew bone on the natural tooth? Those of you who are not dentists should know that it’s  biologically impossible to grow bone on a tooth surface higher than its existing level.

These X-rays are clearly taken at different angles as not only the bone level looks different, but also the size of the crown and the pin under it. Taking two-dimensional X-rays at different angles and claiming bone level changes is nothing less than a lie. It’s a visual distortion. No, there is no bone growth and the company should be ashamed for posting such misleading information.

Don’t believe everything you read or, as in this case, see!