Time-saving Online Registration Forms for a Faster Check-in

Internet technology offers many conveniences that simplify everyday tasks. Medical and dental professionals are not excluded from these benefits. Healthcare providers and patients are now able to communicate and exchange information more quickly and more efficiently. One such example is online registration forms that allow patients to submit their information prior to their appointment, which saves them time and helps everyone to be more prepared.

Historically, patients spent up to 15 minutes in a waiting room completing registration and medical history forms. This would take even longer for someone with extensive medical conditions or a long list of medications.

But now with our easy online forms, the experience has become simpler and faster.

When the patient schedules an appointment, they receive an automated confirmation email with a link to our online registration forms. Patients can then safely submit their personal and medical history information in the comfort of their own home or office. With one click, patient gets a confirmation, referring dentist receives a notification, and our office gets the completed forms. The referring dentist is automatically requested to send any available X-rays and referral notes prior to the patient’s visit.

The submitted forms and X-rays are reviewed in advance by our staff and recorded in the patient’s electronic file. When the patient arrives for their appointment, they are checked-in quickly and seen by Dr. Kazemi within three minutes of their appointment. Submission of the forms in advance also allows us to note any specific medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, or medications, that may affect the patient’s treatment and we can then make appropriate recommendations to prepare them for surgery.

Getting an appointment, being seen on time, and being prepared are  important aspects of our patients’ overall experience, and our easy-to-use online forms and clear communication are valuable and integral parts of this process.

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