Are Zirconia or Ceramic Dental Implants 'Metal-Free'?

Many patients inquire about Zirconia or ceramic dental implants as an alternative to commonly used Titanium dental implants. For some, it is because of their belief in holistic medicine while for others it is to avoid metal in their body. What most don’t realize though is that Zirconia is also a metal! One quick look at the periodical table and you’ll realize Zirconia (Zr) is right below Titanium (Ti) in the metal category.

Zirconia dental implants have been in use for s relatively short time and although FDA approved, do not have significant studies supporting their effectiveness. In-fact, there are reports of fractures and poor healing with Zirconia implants. Titanium dental implants have been in use since 1960’s and have long history of success, safety, and literature supporting them. If you are considering ceramic dental implant because of its ‘metal-free’ feature, well, you should think again. Not only it is not meta-free, it also does not have nearly the success and longevity of Titanium implants.

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