Denture Adhesives Or Two Dental Implants

Each year, Americans spend over a hundred million dollars on denture adhesives. It’s important to know first why people need denture adhesives. The fact is the jaw bone continues to melt away with denture use until it becomes so flat that dentures no longer can be held¬† stable. As the result, dentures move around, fall out of mouth, and cause gum sores and further bone loss. So people turn to denture adhesives like polygrip or fixodent to help glue them down and make them less loose. A person can go through a couple of tubes every week which overtime can add up to a significant cost.

With as few as two conventional dental implants, a person can eliminate the need for denture adhesives, have a more stable denture, eat more comfortably, and save significant amount of money in the process. Dental implants also help to preserve the jaw bone preventing further loss. This is why many consider a two-implant overdenture the minimal standard-of-care for fully edentulous patients. Conventional dentures are simply too damaging and costly to maintain. If you are wearing dentures, see your dentist or oral surgeon and demand implants and say goodbye to those crippling dentures and adhesives.