Nothing Baby About Extracting Baby Teeth!

Many people assume extraction of primary (baby) teeth are easy and quick. While this may be true for teeth in the front of the mouth,  the back teeth can behave entirely different. Primary or baby teeth may require extraction either due to deep caries or for orthodontic reasons. Patients are often referred to an oral surgeon for the extraction and sedation.

What makes extraction of primary teeth potentially more difficult, is their thin and partially resorbed roots and curved anatomy with erupting permanent teeth in very near proximity. The roots of the primary teeth can break easily during extraction and the remaining small root tips may be quite difficult to remove. Complete removal of the primary teeth requires proper technique and instrumentation which is best handled by a qualified oral surgeon.

If your child needs teeth extractions, it is best to ask your dentist or pediatric dentist for a referral to have the best experience and avoid potential complications.