The Cost of Dental Cone Beam CT Scan

Cone beam dental CT scan has significantly changed the way we, as dentists, practice dentistry. It provides us with 3-dimensional images of the teeth and its supporting structures important in making the right diagnosis and providing appropriate treatments with more precision. They are commonly used in dental implant treatment, teeth extractions, pathology, and treatment of injuries to mouth and face.

Not long ago, CT scans were quite cost prohibitive at about $1000 to $1500 per scan. Additionally patients had to go to hospitals or radiology centers to complete their scan. It was both difficult and expensive. But now with progressive technology in cone beam CT scans and their availability in some offices, they are now easier, more convenient, safer, and less costly to obtain.

The cost of dental CT scan in our office is $295. This makes it affordable and easily attainable for many patients. Regardless of the size of the area scanned (we have seven possible fields of view), the cost remains the same. We can then easily share it with other dentists involved in patient’s treatment.

Accurate diagnosis helps us be better doctors and provide more appropriate treatments for our patients. I think this technology is a game changer in dental care and should be affordable by any patient where it makes their ultimate care better.