How to Preserve Bone and Soft Tissue For Optimal Aesthetics When Replacing Missing Adjacent Central-Lateral Incisors with Dental Implants

The smile zone is among the most difficult area of the mouth when it comes to replacement of missing teeth. This is because they are right in the front and any loss of bone or gum tissue becomes easily visible. Such tissue remodeling is even more significant when replacing adjacent central and lateral incisors. So how can we preserve the bone and gum tissue during implant therapy and get the best aesthetic result?

There are several ways to preserve bone and gum tissue following loss of teeth which will help achieve more aesthetic results. These include atraumatic extractions, partial extraction therapies, immediate implants, and bone and soft tissue grafting. In this video, Dr. Kazemi describes these techniques and how they can be used to replace adjacent missing central and lateral incisors with optimal results.