Hi-Tech Tooth Extraction Technique & Immediate Dental Implant

Extraction of broken teethTooth or root extraction system or residual roots can be a traumatic procedure often requiring gum tissue flap and bone removal for access. This situation may result in significant loss of bone and gum tissue as well as prolonged healing and increased patient pain.

With a new hi-tech approach, difficult teeth extractions are now easier and less invasive. First, we use 3-D imagery benefits of cone beam CT scan  precisely to locate the residual root of a tooth and assess its form, length, and contours. Next, using a unique root extraction system, the tooth is extracted with no tissue flap or bone removal.  In order to proceed using the extraction system a special retaining screw is placed within the canal of the root. Then a pulley cable is attached to the screw on one side and a handle on the other. With secure support of the handle on adjacent teeth, the cable is gradually tightened placing extrusive forces to the root. Within a few minutes, the root is loosened and dislodged out of the socket.  Because the bone and gum tissue are intact, an immediate dental implant can be placed minimizing treatment time and preventing another surgical procedure.

In the video below, I describe the technique that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Conservative, quick, easier on the patient, faster healing, and less pain.  All the reasons why this instrument in hands of an oral surgeon can make such a difficult surgery easy for the patient.