Are you afraid of extracting your wisdom teeth because you are over 50?

As you get older you might think that recovery from wisdom teeth extractions may be more difficult, and the risk ofwisdom teeth extraction over 50 years complications may be higher!  However, this is a misconception, as long as you are in good health, and the procedure is done by an oral surgeon, the risks are minimal.  In fact, removing your wisdom teeth can help to avoid many complications such as infection, bone loss, and damage to adjacent teeth.

Why does this happen?  As described in the video,“The Wisdom Behind Wisdom Teeth Extraction,” wisdom teeth are difficult to clean due to difficult access and are prone to inflammation that can lead to decay, gum disease, and infection.  Frequently, they can also cause decay or bone loss to the adjacent second molars which are often difficult to treat.

The fact is; very few people live through their lives with their wisdom teeth remaining healthy.  So if you are over 50 and still have your wisdom teeth, see your oral surgeon for evaluation and avoid possible complications by keeping them.