Removing Wisdom Teeth Without Swelling!

Wisdom teeth ebook downloadThe “chipmunk” look, while cute in cartoons, is not exactly welcomed by patients undergoing removal of their wisdom teeth. Surgical swelling results when the gum tissue is elevated over the bone and the bone surrounding the impacted wisdom tooth is aggressively removed. It is also directly related to the length of the surgery. Swelling usually maximizes in about 48 hours and then gradually resolves over a 7-10 day period.

However, now with a unique surgical approach, we can remove wisdom teeth with absolutely no swelling! That means no puffiness that most people dread.

Our surgical approach involves a non-invasive exposure of the wisdom tooth to be removed, using a micro-incision that is only about 4-5 mm in length. The gum tissue is opened slightly, allowing a small access to the impacted wisdom tooth. A small amount of the bone is gently removed to expose the top of the wisdom tooth, which is then divided into multiple precisely-oriented sections that are easily removed. The site is rinsed with saline water and then closed with one suture. The entire procedure for removal of four impacted wisdom teeth typically takes only about 30 minutes and often provided under IV sedation anesthesia.

The outcome is incredible! Most patients experience no swelling, minimal discomfort, and no limitation of the mouth opening after surgery. Most patients can return to work or school within 48 hours. The rate of infection is also lessened since the tissue was minimally manipulated. We provide our patients with antibiotics and detailed post-operative instructions, both in written and video formats.

With today’s technology, instrumentation, and a non-invasive surgical technique, patients can recover much faster and experience very little post-operative swelling and pain.While this approach is not possible in every individual,  it is an effective minimally invasive technique that benefit many patients.