How to Minimize Pain with Dental Implants

Pain-ManagementFor many patients with missing teeth, the fear of having pain is the main reason for avoiding dental implants. They will go years without teeth, suffering from dentures, not smiling, and struggling with eating because they are afraid of the potential pain associated with the procedure. The fact is that dental implant placement, when done by experienced surgeons, is a surprisingly gentle procedure. It is significantly more conservative and less traumatic than even a tooth extraction. Many patients report either no pain or minimal discomfort requiring only Tylenol or Advil for a day or two. How do we achieve such experiences?

First, we use a flapless or minimal-flap technique requiring only a micro-incision of the gum tissue for access. Second, the preparation of the bone is done in a slow and minimally invasive fashion. Third, we use IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and effective local anesthesia for optimal comfort during the procedure. The outcome is a painless procedure and nothing more than minor discomfort afterwards that, in most patients, requires no pain medications.

With the skills of an experienced oral surgeon, the use of technology, and 3-dimensional implant planning, our surgical approach has become more and more conservative and non-invasive over the years. With this approach, along with gentle handling of the gum and bone tissues, we can deliver dental implants to many phobic patients and change their lives forever.

If the fear of pain or surgery is holding you back from getting such life-changing treatments, contact us today. We’ll show you how we have helped thousands of patients just like you.