How Painful Is Dental Implants Surgery?

Many patients say that pain is their biggest fear when considering dental implants for replacement of their missing teeth. It turns out pain is the second most common concern about getting dental implants right after cost issues. You may find it surprising however that dental implant surgery is one of the least painful oral surgery procedures. In fact¬† in my experience, placement of a dental implant is a hundred fold less painful than even a tooth extraction. Many of my patients take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for a day or two and some simply don’t take any medications at all.

The reason is implant surgery, when done properly by trained surgeons, is a very conservative, subtle, and non-invasive procedure performed with finesse. In many patients implant surgery can be completed with no or a minimal incision, particularly when we use 3-D computer assisted implant planning and placement. This results in minimal tissue trauma and therefore virtually no pain or swelling and a quick recovery.