Asking Dentists for Asleep Anesthesia

Whether you need teeth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, or dental implant placement, there is nothing more comfortable than having them performed under IV sedation anesthesia. Over 95% of our patients choose IV sedation for such procedures. The process is simple: you are asleep within 2-3 minutes and then wake up immediately upon completion of the procedure. Most patients go home in 30-45 minutes. IV sedation is a very safe technique offered by trained oral surgeons for routine oral surgery procedures. Monitoring devices are used to continually check patient’s EKG, oxygenation, and blood pressure during and after the surgery. Recovery is quick and most people return to work or school in one to two days.

Remember, IV sedation anesthesia is your choice and you can ask your dentist for a referral. If your dentist says you don’t need IV sedation and you will be fine with just local anesthesia, then you should ask why he or she is not giving you the options and let you make that decision. Speak to your local oral surgeon and learn about your options. You’ll be glad you did.