The Hidden Secrets of Smiles

Did you Know:

  • According to a 30 year-old study at Berkley, smiling promotes higher success in life
  • People who smile live longer
  • Children smile over 400 times a day, while most adults smile less than 20 times a day
  • When you smile, you can not frown! Try it
  • According to Charles Darwin, “ Even the simulation of an emotion tends to arouse it in our minds”
  • Brain activity increases when smiling- we feel better when we smile
  • One smile produces brain stimulation that equals eating 2000 bars of chocolate or getting $25000 in cash!
  • Smiling reduces stress enhancing hormones and blood pressure and promotes endorphin
  • When you smile, you are more likable, more attractive, and are perceived as more competent

Watch this video recently featured in TED: