Removal of Failed Dental Implants- New Non-Invasive Technique

removal of failed dental implantsRemoval of failed dental implants whether due to infection or poor position, can be a very difficult task!

But now there is an exciting new technique for atraumatic removal of failed or malpositioned dental implants with NO bone removal. In this video, ‘Removal of Failed Dental Implants in a Patient with Peri-implantitis’ I present this technique in a patient with chronic pain due to peri-implantitis (warning- the video is a surgical video and graphic!)

Complications that require removal of dental implants include fractures, poor position, peri-implantitis, incomplete seating during placement in very dense bone where it can not be backed out, and implants with damaged internal hex. (see all potential implant related complications and recommendations for treatment)

This new technique makes removal of such implants easier and less invasive in comparison to the traditional osteotomy technique using trough burs. The procedure takes about 10 minutes with minimal patient discomfort and the cost is $475. Once the implant is removed, the site is cleaned and inspected and If necessary, grafted for future implant replacement.

If you have implant complications and need assistance, get help here.