Non-Invasive Extraction, Site Bone Graft, and Sinus Lift for Placement of Dental Implant

The evolution of minimally-invasive techniques in medicine and dentistry has resulted in significant improvement in patient recovery, treatment success, and a decrease in general complications. Such techniques can also be used in teeth extractions, site bone graft, and placement of dental implants. The keys to minimally- or non-invasive surgical techniques include minimizing disruption to the gum and bone, digitally-driven approaches in dental implant placement, and specific bone grafting techniques. 

This patient had a non-restorable tooth which required extraction. Tooth was removed with no-flap technique and grafted to preserve the ridge. Then a dental implant was placed with a non-invasive internal sinus lift using Osseodensification technique. Patient experienced no swelling and minimal discomfort at both surgical stages and complete success in outcome.