Treatment of a Patient with Upper Jaw Full-Arch Dental Implants Failure and Complications

Biologically incompatible, anatomically inappropriate, and functionally disastrous- These terms summarize the full-mouth dental implant treatment provided to a patient who suffered significant infection and loss of all dental implants, restoration, and supporting bone and soft tissue. Full-mouth dental implant replacement is a very predictable and successful treatment as long as the treatment is designed following basic biological and functional principles in implant therapy. It is vital to have good quality and quantity of bone, carefully selected and positioned dental implants, and sufficient gum tissue thickness to protect the underlying bone and implants. And of course a precisely designed restoration with great occlusion and aesthetics.

In this video, we describe the sequence on how a full mouth dental implant complication in this patient occured, patient’s initial presentation, and how he was treated in a staged approach. We describe  the steps in managing the infection, restoring missing bone and gum tissue, and eventually providing him with a proper fixed implant-supported full arch restoration. Patient also shares his experience.