Treatment of a Patient with Full-Mouth Dental Implant Complications

Biologically incompatible, anatomically inappropriate, and functionally disastrous- These terms summarize the full-mouth dental implant treatment provided to a patient who suffered significant infection and loss of all dental implants, restoration, and the supporting bone and soft tissue.

Dental implant treatments in rapid sequence, i.e ‘teeth-in-a-day’, ‘same-day-teeth’, is certainly of great benefit to patients. They allow all procedures on the same day minimizing number of surgeries and treatment time. However, they are only appropriate if based on good rational considering its biological, anatomical, and functional implications. Unfortunately, in many instances immediate dental implants and restorations are completely inappropriate and should be done in staged fashion. Such treatments are also highly sophisticated requiring specialized knowledge and skills and if done by inexperienced clinicians, can lead to disasters and terrible patient experience.

In this video, I share the story of a patient who suffered significant complications after receiving full-mouth implant treatment abroad in rapid sequence fashion. I describe his initial presentation and how he was managed in a staged approach. I describe the specific steps in managing his infection, restoring the missing bone and gum tissue, and eventually providing him with a proper fixed implant-supported full arch restoration. Patient also shares his experience.