Easing Your Child’s Fears With Dental Treatment Begins with Easing Your Own

One of the most difficult things as a parent is to see your child frightened or in pain.  Often just the thought of taking your baby to the dentist or oral surgeon may be so anxiety provoking for both of you, that it may seem impossible to even schedule the initial visit.  No parent wants to be the “bad guy” who has to drive his or her terrified child to that dreaded surgical appointment.

Sometimes as parents, we unintentionally transfer our own fears onto our children.  Kind of like my fear of spiders.  I love all animals … but if the smallest of arachnids crosses my path, I’m clinging to the nearest chandelier.  By simply watching my father’s over reaction and instant drama at the mere site of an 8-legged creature, I too became afraid of the little monsters.  Thanks, Dad.

First of all, as a parent, we must remember to be the strong one in these situations.  Children learn from our examples.  And, as mothers know, no one can “make it all better”, better than mom, so take advantage of your clout as parent.   In order to make your child’s experience with the oral surgeon as easy as possible, encourage your child to approach the upcoming procedure with a positive attitude.  Sometimes if the parent is extremely anxious about the child’s upcoming treatment, his or her fearful vibes can transfer over to the child.  If the parent is stressed, it is very likely that the child will follow suit and also feel stressed.  If you have had a poor dental experience in the past, don’t let this fear transfer to your child.  Updated surgical techniques and anesthetics allow for very comfortable surgical procedures these days.

Dr. Kazemi has a wonderfully calm bedside manner with children.  He has a very calming way of making children feel like they are in charge of the visit.  He never proceeds with any part of the treatment without first asking your child, “is it alright” if I do this or that?   Sometimes just allowing your child to be in charge of the moment, takes away the anxiety of being some place where they usually lack control of the situation.  Having this gentle and patient approach to surgery makes the appointment so much more relaxed for everyone involved.  Your child will feel welcome and respected when things are done at his or her pace.

So don’t worry parents, our oral surgery team will take wonderful care of your baby.  We have all been in the same position at one point or another, and want the best for our children.  So, remember to do your part as a parent and help your child prepare for his or her procedure with accurate knowledge about the procedure, post operative care instructions, and just as important, a positive and calm attitude.   You might be surprised at how well your child does, if you start the journey with a calm and worry free outlook.