Don't Forget the Basics- Dentistry 101

Yes, we will give you those beautiful veneers and get you back that amazing smile. And we will put in those implants to replace your missing teeth. And yes, we will get your teeth whitened too to bring back the glow. But lets first get back to the basics. Lets get your teeth cleaned so you can have healthier gums. Lets do some basic X-rays to make sure there is no abscess or decay in progress. Lets extract those hopeless teeth that are constant sources of pain and infection. Lets save those teeth that we can by restoring them early. This is known as phase-I dentistry. I call it dentistry 101.

Far too often, I see patients who in midst of all the excitement of getting their veneers, teeth whitening, or implants, completely missed the basic care. Only to realize later that their progressive gum disease or teeth decay undermined all the beautiful work that was done. Lots of money and time gone to waste.

Lets get back to the basics and make sure the foundation of your long term oral health is in place.