Top 10 Signs That You Have a Good Dentist

Sure, you can go online and Google all you can about the dentist that you want to use, find out where they went to school or what offices they worked at previously. But there are some other signs to look for when deciding whether to use a particular dentist or not.

Here are the top 10 signs that you’re putting your teeth in good hands:

10. Everyone at the office calls you by name. It’s nice to have that personal touch.
9. The dentist and the staff listen to you. I mean really listen.
8. The dentist looks into your eyes when talking to you…not at a file.
7. You are seen on time,  After all, your time is just as valuable as the doctor’s.
6. The staff is positive, energetic, and engaged.
5. The dentist doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. He or she makes referrals to trusted specialists as appropriate.
4. The dentist calls you personally after a particularly long or involved procedure, just to see how you are doing.
3. The dentist doesn’t try to sell you services; rather, he or she listen to your needs and educates you about relevant possibilities.
2. He or she regularly takes continuing education courses and seminars to stay current and provide the best possible care (not just to get credits for license renewal).

And the number 1 sign that you have a good dentist? The dentist and the entire office get great reviews from other patients and colleagues. So ask the office for patient testimonials, visit the website to read comments from satisfied clients, and ask other doctors you trust who they go to for their dental needs.

Experience speaks volumes about any business, and dentistry is no different. If your dentist gets excellent reviews and your experience is just as positive, then smile — you’ve found a great dentist!