Fixed Bridge with 8 Implants

Final bridge is cemented and fully supported by implants

Patient presents with a failing bridge:

This patient came to us with an existing bridge supported by a few remaining teeth in her lower jaw. Teeth had severe decay, and the bridge was completely loose. She had been in pain for some time and had great difficulty eating because of her loose bridge. She did not want a removable denture and wanted to replace her missing teeth with something that is fixed and as close to her natural teeth that she had once.


I first referred her to a prosthodontist as she needed a very experienced and knowledgeable dentist to work in collaboration with us. I extracted her remaining lower teeth and then delivered a transitional prosthesis made by the prosthodontist. Immediate implants were not possible because many teeth had an infection and it was best to allow proper healing before placement of the dental implants. After a two month healing period, eight dental implants were placed in the lower jaw under IV sedation anesthesia in our office. To assure proper positioning and angle of the implants, a surgical guide was used as provided by the prosthodontist. After three months of healing, she returned to the prosthodontist for a temporary bridge supported by the implants which were then finalized with a porcelain bridge.

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How are the implants doing?

This treatment was done in 2000 and as of writing of this report in 2011, the implants remain completely healthy with stable bone and gum tissue. She sees the prosthodontist every 4-6 months for check up and cleaning.

What were the keys to her success?

  • An excellent prosthodontist working in collaboration with Dr. Kazemi- When replacing all teeth in a jaw, a very detailed treatment plan and strategy must be designed. It was through expertise of Dr. Kazemi performing all the surgery and mastery of the prosthodontist restoring the implants that we were able to achieve a great and predictable result.
  • Proper implant positioning- The surgical guide is a must when planning for such a treatment. Implants must be in proper position and angle.
  • Patient compliance with necessary follow up- Effective oral hygiene and routine dental exam and cleaning are the key to keeping healthy teeth and implants.