Broken Jaw: Displaced Subcondylar Fracture of the Mandible

The Story:

This patient fell and suffered a displaced fracture of left subcondyle of the mandible along with changes in bite.


Due to displaced fracture and the condyle being out of the fossa, an open reduction with internal fixation of the fracture was indicated. Under general anesthesia at our local hospital, the bite was first corrected by wiring the teeth together (intermaxillary fixation). Then using an external approach from the neck, the subcondylar fracture of the mandible was opened and reduced, and then rigidly fixated with titanium plate and 4 fixation screws. The skin incision was closed using plastic techniques for best cosmetic results. The intermaxillary fixation was maintained with elastics for 3 weeks to help guide the muscles into correct bite and then removed. 

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