Upper Front Tooth

The Story:

This patient suffered fracture to his upper front tooth following a fall. The tooth was extracted as an emergency, but was not grafted at the time. He presented three months later for evaluation regarding implant replacement. Examination and dental CT scan revealed significant loss of bone from his trauma and inadequate foundation for the dental implant. To restore the tooth with a healthy foundation and appearance, we recommended tissue (bone and gum tissue) augmentation before replacement with a dental implant. We teamed up with a prosthodontist, Dr. Flavio Rasetto, to begin the planning and treatment process.



Patient was first seen by the prosthodontist for aesthetic evaluation and planning. During the first stage of his treatment, Dr. Kazemi, augmented the required bone with bone grafting technique. Six months later, dental scan confirmed regeneration of adequate bone and tissue. Dr. Kazemi then placed a single implant. Following a three month healing, the prosthodontist provisionalized the implant to begin the soft tissue design and maturation. During this three months of temporization, the gum tissue was carefully designed for optimal aesthetics and level. Finally, Dr. Rasetto fabricated final custom abutment and crown. Patient was extremely happy with the results, considering the level of tissue defect and compromise he started with. He is now smiling with confidence.

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The keys to our success:

  • Team approach by an oral surgeon and the restorative dentist, each specialized in dental implants
  • Staged treatment (one miracle at a time)
  • Bone graft to build missing tissue and keep the gum tissue well supported and aligned.
  • Precisely positioned dental implant
  • A great temporary crown to form the proper gum tissue form
  • Great customized abutment and final crown to make it look and feel natural