Upper Molar Replacement

The Story:

The patient is missing the upper left molar and his chief goals are to replace the missing tooth to regain his function and keep the adjacent teeth healthy.


Precise placement of a dental implant and a well-designed restoration by our team prosthodontist is the key to success for this patient.

The planning treatment process involves fabrication models of the patient’s teeth and diagnostic x-rays. Following a mock surgery on the models allows to predict the exact position of the implant within the patient’s bite.

Next, a fabricated plastic guide allows Dr. Kazemi to place the implant as planned. All things considered, the height of the chosen implant must be accurate to avoid penetration into the sinus.

Moreover, the patient did not want to be asleep under IV sedation. Therefore local anesthesia and nitrous oxide gas were used.

Following three months of healing, the patient continued with the prosthodontist for impressions and fabrication of a customized abutment and crown.
Finally, the teeth adjacent to the implant have older crowns and were recommended to be replaced for better aesthetic results.
The photo below shows the final crown on the implant. 
(Restorative treatment by prosthodontist, Dr. Kaz Fotoohi)

Key factors to our success:

  • Alignment
  • Proper length
  • Proper width for best tooth form
  • Healthy surrounding bone

Photo Gallery: