Latest Past Events

Staff Meeting #4: How to Hire Top Talents?

The Forum 4825 Bethesda Avenue, Suite 302, Bethesda

Cancellations are a costly and disruptive problem for any dental practice. While some cancellations are legitimate, most occur because of patient’s lack of value for the reserved appointment. In this program, we’ll discuss why cancellations happen and what you can do to minimize them.

Meeting #5: The Business of Implant Dentistry: Strategies for Growth, Marketing, and Execution

The Forum 4825 Bethesda Avenue, Suite 302, Bethesda

Implant dentistry is an integral part of any successful and growing practice. In this forum, we’ll discuss proven business principles and best practices in growing the implant aspect of your practice and avoid financial losses and high stress that is often related to mismanagement and poor office systems. We’ll discuss key aspects of growth, marketing, and execution.