Patients Questioning Clear Choice Implant Centers

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is about Clear Choice dental implant centers, their quality of care, and reputation among dental professionals. Here is what one of the readers asked: “There are really mixed reviews on the quality of care received from Clear Choice Dental Implants. A lot of people state that they feel they were “sold” on the treatment, and that the care itself was not great. The teeth feeling “plastic” seems to be another common complaint. What is their reputation among the professionals?”

I have talked to many patients who have been to one of the Clear Choice centers and also two doctors that briefly worked for them. Here is what the patients have told me about their experience: They were met by a sales person and were pushed hard to sign up for the treatment and pay a deposit. They were not given any treatment options except what they do which is mostly all-on-4 treatment. One patient had some teeth that were perfectly fine but needed some minor periodontal therapy. She was told it would be better to get them out and just do all implants. Another patient who had a failed implant had to pay for the replacement and she was very unhappy because it was done just two years prior.

There are reports that the centers are very corporate-like and don’t offer an atmosphere for a true multi-specialty team approach. Doctors may be driven into offering all extractions and all implants with few other options. Also because of lack of internal resources for comprehensive dentistry, following completion of patients’ treatment, patients are referred back to their general dentist for cleaning and check ups. . This is of course not a good idea when it comes to continuity of care and taking responsibility for a patient’s care over time.

My personal opinion is they are great marketers with lots of hype. The fact is that the ‘same day teeth’ they promise is only possible in a very small group of patients who meet the right criteria. Also, the treatment that they offer is not patient-centered; it’s rather corporate and profit-centered which is usually not in the best interest of the patients. I suggest all patients ask the right questions when choosing any dentist for their implant care and make decisions based on proper criteria. On our website (FAQ section), we describe the key questions patients need to ask to make sure that they are on the right path. After all, the choice may not be so clear!