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Ask For Customized Abutment For Your Dental Implant


If you are confused about what goes on top of a dental implant after it is placed, you are not alone. Questions like: how many components are there? what is an abutment? how does the crown fit into it all? what kind of abutment and crown will be placed?
And the question: Do you really need […]

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The Pitfalls of Mini Dental Implants


Mini dental implants were introduced several years ago for support of temporary bridges or dentures. However, more recently, manufacturers have been promoting mini dental implants as a permanent solution. They heavily market to general dentists, with the premise that the placement of the mini implants is easy enough, so that they can perform these procedures […]

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Common Wisdom Teeth Symptoms


Symptoms associated with wisdom teeth can vary from slight discomfort to advanced swelling, significant pain, infection, and pus formation. Early treatment will prevent disease and potentially dangerous complications. Emergency dental treatment is recommended when such symptoms begin. Early inflammation (pericoronitis) is caused by plaque and may cause the following symptoms: pain over the gum near […]

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What Innovation in Dental Implant Marketing Is Not!


As dentists, I think it is critical for our profession to continually share new ideas, solutions, and innovations with the public. and market our practices to reach potential patients and help them achieve healthier lives. But I do hope we can do it with integrity, innovation, and intelligence that everyone deserves! Here is what innovation […]

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